Freelance is not easy to say I love you

Freelance is not easy to say I love you

Freelance does not mean unemployment. What is freelance?

Consultant, temporary worker, free agent, Shan Feiyan, Lone Ranger, solo household, freelance . all in!

However, freelancers can suffer from unemployed people who work independently, are not affiliated with any organization, and do not make long-term commitments to any employer to engage in a certain profession; they are mental workers (writers, editors, accountants, etc.) or service providers; Under their guidance, they find work by themselves, often but not all at home.

  If you think of yourself as self-supporting; often have the desire to cast something from scratch; hope to have the opportunity to grasp your own destiny; have been pursuing the dream of freedom; like to work independently; have a clear long-term goal and recentGoals, and often they can be achieved, then you have the potential to become a freelancer.

  If you hate commuting to and from work; don’t like the closedness of working in the office; tired of the interpersonal relationship in the office; you have done your best in the existing work, but there is no development; you are actively looking for the best job, learningNew skills; want to wear cheap and comfortable clothing, then you may become a freelancer.

  If you are not working now; hope to earn more money; be a good financial manager, self-disciplined and practical, then you may become a freelancer.

  Freelance white-collar workers beware of “freedom”. Freelancers are gradually changing from “non-working professionals” in conservative concepts to enviable “unbound people.”

But they also have some new problems, mainly psychological problems, and some suffer from freedom syndrome.

  From a psychological perspective, the formation of what is called “freedom syndrome” is quite related to the characteristics of the profession.

As a white-collar worker, no one but yourself will come to point you at your job. Self-management ability becomes the only binding force for freelancers.

No one will deduct your salary when you sleep until two in the afternoon.

Among the psychological problems of freelancers, the influence of life pressure is undoubtedly the largest and most realistic.

The near-term pressure is whether we can make a living this month, and the farther we have to consider whether the progressive financial resources are stable and reliable.

Even people who are currently small achievers often worry about what to do if they are seriously ill someday.

Freelancers do not have labor insurance, old-age insurance, or medical insurance to buy by themselves, and the pressure on life becomes a burden to a certain extent.

Freelancers were naturally full of confidence when choosing this path, thinking that with their own talents, they would not worry about their lack of success, but they would lose their stability and feel fully free.

  For freelance white-collar workers, the ability to manage themselves and arrange themselves is very important.

From this point of view, more than ordinary office workers need to understand a scientific and healthy lifestyle.