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Cake is a very popular food all over the world. It can be made into various cute shapes according to needs, and it tastes very sweet. It is a food that children love very much. There are many types of cakes. Among them, mousseCake is a very popular specialty cake, but the method of mousse cake is a bit difficult. Let’s take a look at how to make mousse cake?

Mousse cake is a pastry based on mousse flour.

The appearance, color, structure, and taste are rich in change and more natural and pure. Usually, cream and coagulant are added to make a thick frozen effect.

Ingredients for strawberry mousse cake: 100 grams of whipped cream, 400 grams of strawberries, one piece of cake (1 cm thick, about the size of the bowl mouth to be used for making a mold), 15 grams of gelatin, and an appropriate amount of sugar.

Method: 1. Prepare a large bowl, and cover it with plastic wrap so that it fits perfectly inside the bowl.

Put a layer of strawberries cut in half on the plastic wrap, and chop the remaining strawberries for use. 2. Pour the whipped cream into a large bowl (preferably a non-fragile bowl such as stainless steel or enamel), and add an appropriate amount of sugar.Stir with a whisk until the cream is gruel-like; add crushed strawberries and continue stirring until the cream can slowly fall after lifting the whisk; 3. Put gelatin in a small bowl and add 80 ° CStir in hot water. After cooling, pour in light cream and stir well, that is, mousse filling. 4. Pour the mixed mousse filling into the prepared large bowl and cover the cake dough with mousse filling.On the top, press gently on the surface with your hands to make the mousse filling and the cake blank fit; 5. Put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate for more than 2 hours. After taking it out, turn the bowl upside down to make the cake come out and remove the plastic wrap on the surface.

Opinion: Fresh strawberries with milky fillings are naturally unusual. The homemade mousse cake can be adjusted according to your own preferences. It can also reduce sugar and fat, and even girls who want to lose weight can eat it with confidence.