How does life and life not regulate how to gain weight?

How does life and life not regulate how to gain weight?

The first thing to say is, can your life routine change?

If you can’t, it may not be easy to get fat.

  Because the upside down of the biological clock can cause confusion in the digestive system, it can’t absorb nutrients very well.

If you can’t change it, you have to work hard to make three meals a day.

Breakfast must be eaten, time to eat, milk eggs plus some staple food; lunch time, you can eat some staple food, vegetables, some meat (beef); how to eat greasy, it should be appropriateChange is not to say that if you eat more greasy, you will definitely gain weight.

Excessive adulthood will increase satiety, reduce appetite, and affect the digestion and absorption of other nutrients.

  You must eat fruit between meals, and you can basically add yogurt to promote digestion.

  Evening exercise is also a good idea, but pay attention to the amount of exercise should not be too large, half an hour should be more appropriate, then you can add meals.

  A cup of milk and honey before going to bed can help sleep, nourish the spleen and liver.

In addition, if you understand the traditional Chinese medicine meridians, you can massage the spleen and stomach related degrees daily to regulate the spleen and stomach.

  How can you do this is not far from getting fat.