[Difference between hairy crabs and pike crabs]

[Difference between hairy crabs and pike crabs]

Although hairy crabs and barracudas are the same creature, their meat quality is completely different, and the prices sold in cities are very different. Generally speaking, hairy crabs are more expensive because the meat is more deliciousAnd it is more beneficial to our health, so we must distinguish between hairy crabs and barracudas when buying, so as not to be fooled.

So what are the differences between hairy crabs and barracudas?

First, barracuda and hairy crabs have a good time to market: hairy crabs are not yet on the market, and barracudas are already popular this year.

Quality: The market for hairy crabs is chaotic. There is no guarantee of quality, and shuttle crabs are quite reliable.

Price: Barracuda crab prices are close to the people, and hairy crabs are “forced to retreat”.

Taste: Barracuda is fresh and tender, and tastes better than hairy crabs.

Second, the difference between barracuda and hairy crabs belongs to the family 1. Barracuda: Barracuda is the animal kingdom, arthropoda, crustacean subphyla, soft armor class, true soft armor subclass, decapoda, barracuda family, barracuda marine arthropod.

2. Hairy crabs: Hairy crabs are of animal kingdom, arthropoda, crustacean subphylum, soft armor class, true soft armor subclass, decapoda, gastropoda, bow crab family, bow crab family, mitten crab freshwaterArthropod.
Another name is the difference 1. Barracuda: Barracuda’s scientific name, Tricuspid barracuda, nicknamed crab crab, sea crab, sea crab, sea insect, water crab, gate crab, small gate, scorpion, cover fish, three point crab, child crab, flying crab, smokeWait.

2. Hairy Crab: The scientific name of hairy crab is Chinese mitten crab, nicknamed river crab, hairy crab, water crab, hairy crab, crab crab, etc.

Origin difference 1, Barracuda: Barracuda is distributed in Japan, North Korea, the Malay Islands, the Red Sea, and Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong Peninsula, Bohai Bay, Liaodong Peninsula and other places in mainland China.

2. Hairy crabs: The natural distribution areas of hairy crabs are mainly in northern Asia, western Korea, and China, where they extend from the Yalu River Estuary in Liaoning to the Jiulong River in Fujian in the south and overcome the Three Gorges Estuary in Yichang, Hubei in the west.Released and multiplied, this crab has spread throughout the country, but its quality is most famous for hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Shengfang crabs in Hebei.

Barracuda 1, Barracuda: Barracuda is located in the ocean. After leaving the high-salt and high-oxygen environment, the survival rate is greatly reduced. The salinity is 13?
38, the optimal growth salinity is 20?
35, the salinity for wintering is 28?
35, salinity lower than 8 or higher than 38, stopped feeding and activities, all died one day later.

2. Hairy crabs: Hairy crabs often dwell in rivers, rivers, and lakes on muddy shores. They appear during the day and night, and feed on animal carcasses or grains. By autumn each year, they grow plump and often swim back to the sea to breed.After hatching between March and May of the following year, the larvae developed into crabs after several metamorphosis, and then traced back to the river, up the river, and continued to grow in fresh water.