8 best sports for fall

8 best sports for fall

Autumn’s high-tempered solar terms are the best time to lose weight through exercise. At this time, doing some exercise can not only soothe the mood, but also make a good weight-loss effect.

Hurry up and get close to nature.

  First, the youth cycling effect index: ★★★★ Autumn is very suitable for traveling, of course, it is also a good season for cycling, especially if you want to lose weight, cycling over the hill, combining speed with slowness, can consume more calories, tryCycling to lose weight.

  Cycling is best done outdoors.

If you feel comfortable outdoors, you can use different intensities and rhythms, or on different terrains, such as changing the driving route and adding hill crossing projects.

  Badminton effect index: ★★★★ Badminton is also a good weight loss exercise, which can keep your body from rebounding.

Local stadium sports, this indoor sport feels comfortable, but don’t underestimate its sports effect. According to relevant data, a distance of badminton is more intense than a football match.

Pay attention to preparatory activities before exercise to avoid injury.

  Mountain climbing effect index: ★★★★ Mountain climbing has a better effect on cardiopulmonary function, and of course, it is also the best way to lose weight. The temperature in late autumn is not very cold, but the air temperature increases and the slope height rises and decreases, plusThe temperature difference between morning and evening is large. At this time, climbing the mountain, or the body’s temperature regulation mechanism is constantly in a state of tension, thereby improving the human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes.

Note that the ascent speed should be slow, and remember to add or remove clothes to adjust to the temperature.

  Running effect index: ★★★★ Running is currently the best aerobic exercise. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, and help lose weight and bodybuilding.

Note that at least every 40 minutes, the speed should be medium or jogging.

  Second, indoor wall skin care is the most common way to lose weight. Before going to bed, try to press your heels, step on your back, and try to stick to the roots of the wall, step on, heels together, relax your hands and hang down around your body.Trace amount, accelerates metabolism, and at the same time can compact skin and improve sleep quality.

In addition, remember the core points of the three-point and one-line action when practicing to achieve the best results.

  Hip raising exercise Lie flat on the bed before going to bed, straighten and bend, put your hands on the upper tibia, palms close to the bed surface, at this time, raise your abdomen and raise your hips, and let the backrest exercise slowly up and down, keepUniform breathing speed, when the soreness at the hips and thighs is the best, keep practicing for 15 minutes a day, this can not only tighten the muscles, but also make the knee contour more beautiful.

  Foot bath Foot bath is not a time for daily cleaning. You can also consider it as a way to lose weight. The correct method can make it very effective for weight loss, because all important points of the human body are concentrated here.Using hot water foot bath to stimulate acupuncture points before bedtime can promote body metabolism and peripheral circulation, accelerate the rate of detoxification, and remove obstacles for weight loss.

  A full-body bath is different from a shower. A full-body bath immerses the entire body in hot water, which can quickly blood circulation of the body’s muscles and organs. The warm state can accelerate the progress of slight metabolism, which is beneficial to the detoxification of the body.It also has the effect of compressing blood vessels and lymph, which can promote the metabolism of the lymphatic system, help to remove excess water and garbage from the body, and the oil deposited in the pores will be carried out by sweat, and it can effectively reduce weight.